Jenn (xstandonatablex) wrote,

For what you've all been waiting for..


It all started out with just the three of us. Karen [Kudzu], her older sister, Julia, and myself.
yes, three house harmony

Almost as soon as we got there, we ran into people from camp, Twinkles and KIKI!

those are their real names

As soon as they left, we grabbed trivia packets and were looking through them.

OWL time

I also met Karen's band buddies, Jennifer and Elliot. Elliot's hat has an "E" on it.

E is in star stickers

Here's Karen's sister, Julia, showing off her Dark Mark.

Look, Ma, I'm a Death Eater!

As a shameless promo, a LJ community I'm in, hogwartsishome, had a flyer contest thing. So, I handed them out.

Take the damn thing now

Oh that's nice

This made us very thirsty, so we got in line to get slushies. And then we saw the Chosen Treats.

Berry flavored icings

But on our way, we encountered a nemisis: caution tape. It was taped to the floor for the line at midnight, but it proved to be the worst tripping hazard.

Karen's beautiful leg

As the evening went on, Karen and I'd talk to awesome people and take their pictures. Here is an example of just that. Brother and sister, bothe xtremely cool. More on this later.

He's edging out of frame

As the subject of Death Eaters came up, we offered to brand anyone who wanted.


Fellow Death Eaters..and one random Gryffindor.

Why the furry mask?

Then we started to just take pictures of everyone in awesome shirts or costumes. The first here is Marietta Edgecomb, the Ravenclaw who ratted out the DA.

Nice smirk

There was a large group- about a dozen or so plus- of college to high school aged students wearing matching Dumbeldore's Army shirts.

Silver glitter glue

Now pinkhaired!Tonks with a Weird Sisters shirt.


A little girl who was Gryffindor fan!Luna Lovegood.

Rad hat

The only other person in the whole party that also had Puff pride.


Then we ran into two crazy women in SPEW shirts.

Makes me wanna SPEW

This guy was awesome. With a six-string on his back, he ran into the store holding his sign aloft. Then, after this picture, he departed, possibly for another bookstore.

We all *heart* Harry

This guy came in the same time we did, sat down in a chair, and just began reading the fifth book. We asked for his picture, but they was no reply, verbal or non. So we took one anyway.


This is Tom. He was in a previous picture with his sister, but later one we started talking to him. The conversation was general theories and then it ended up with him trying to teach us Japanese. Apparently he's minoring in Japanese and even pulled out flash cards. Later, I found out he went to ORHS, and we discuss teachers, mainly Dr. Luther. We ended up talking to him until his number was called.

One day, he'll get the Dark Mark

And at midnight, the Dark Lord called his faithful servants.

Julia's face is awesome

I look ill

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