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Feel free to delete etc. if this isn't quite mock_the_stupid worthy.

I was at religious education, basically Sunday school for high schoolers, and the priest was telling us a story about a certain vision of Jesus. He said that it took place in Prague, Poland. Now, I'm not a geography major and not many Americans would be able to tell the difference between Poland and the Czech Republic. The priest was from Ireland. Not brand-new to the country, but he was born and lived there for over twenty years before moving to the States. I leaned over to my friend and told her. She then said that she wasn't sure but that there are a load of cities in Poland. She told me not to be such a spaz and we continued to listen to the droning.

Later, I was standing outside talking to Agnes. Now Agnes is my age and from Poland. She moved here in 4th grade, so she's been here for about five years. I asked if Prague was a city in Poland. She was dead sure that it was somewhere near the eastern border or something. I get into the car and tell my dad. He laughs and explained that my cousin had visited Prague several years ago when it was still in the nation of Czechoslovakia. I also looked it up and, sure enough, Prague is the capitol of the Czech Republic.

I guess geography is a dying art.
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