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Revenge. The word was simple for such an emotion. It was a complex one, in that it must be thought through very throughly to be effective to any degree. Joe understood that as he drove down the interstate, well over the speed limit, window down. A song was blaring, quite a popular one, "Highway to Hell." It certainly didn't feel as such due to Ivan.

Joe had been attending to business in the Smoky Mountains, preparing for his revenge when the storm drifted upward. The road shone slick and wet where it was illuminated by head lights. Joe's happened to be the only one's within his visiblity range, but it was late at night.

A glance at the clock told him that it was twelve-oh-one. He smiled, ticking off the days til he could see the final fruits of his revenge. Fourty-two days, he thought, the same macabe grin lingering on his lips. Fourty-two days until I can let her know what Rob felt like, dying and alone in the rain.

He would be counting the days until her demise, but it could not come soon enough.

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