Jenn (xstandonatablex) wrote,

In memory of Scheffler's mohawk(even though his was longer and blue):

He was "despiked" afterschool. Apparently, he needed a job and was applying this weekend, so Emilie just despiked him outside afterschool. There was a crowd of a few dozen people too. That was awesomely funny. It seemed almost like it was performing art piece. "The Man and Money Kills Artistic Freedom." That's what it was. Totally.

Argued fifteen minutes this morning with my mother on whether or not I should go to school. Obviously, I lost. Not fun.

I didn't fail my bio test! Yay for Jenn! I got my classes turned in yesterday too. The last thing I had to get was the signature for "gifted" study hall. Basically it's for the Combined Studies kids or for kids that are a grad level up ina  subject or such.

I also found out that Tarentino is directing the season finale of CSI. Two of my favorite things coming together. Sweet.

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